Goldilocks: Jillian Harris x Goldilocks Beeswax Wraps

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The Jillian Harris x Goldilocks Beeswax Wraps are the perfect eco-friendly swap to plastic wrap, all while keeping your food fresh for longer! Handmade in Victoria, British Columbia, they come with an exclusive and super cute design and are reusable and compostable!

Choose between a set of 3 wraps (one large one medium and one small) or 2 wraps (one medium and one small)! 

Size: Large - 11x14" | Medium - 10x10" | Small - 6x9" 

Material: 100% cotton, Canadian beeswax, tree rosins, and jojoba oil.

Care: Wash in cool, soapy water. Do not heat.

Please note that all Jilly Box items are final sale and we cannot accommodate any returns or exchanges.