Jillian Harris stands on her holiday decorated front porch. She's holding the Winter 2021 Jilly Box wrapped with a pink ribbon.

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A little more detail about how Subscribers and Insiders came to be;

On our official launch day back in 2019, we had no idea that the excitement for The Jilly Box would literally crash our website! At that point in time, we could only fulfill 5000 boxes, so on that day, 5000 lucky members became Subscribers! A Subscriber automatically gets a Jilly Box every quarter and does not need to wait for their name to be drawn in our lottery. Anyone who was above and beyond that 5000 is considered an Insider. Insiders were placed on a "waitlist" and this is where we draw the lottery winners from every quarter. Regretfully, the subscriber list is sold out.

Fast forward to today, we have grown to an amazing 12,500 Jilly Boxes and stayed true to sharing Jillian’s favourite products and helping support small and upcoming businesses.

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