What is The Jilly Box

The Jilly Box is a quarterly subscription box, filled with products from Jillian’s (and Team Jilly Box!) favourite brands. While there are no further subscriptions available at this time (Subscriptions are currently sold out), each season our Insiders are randomly selected for a chance to make a one-time Jilly Box purchase! 

The seasonal Jilly Box is typically valued at $400 CAD and available to our Insiders for only $199 CAD. But you'll have to be speedy because boxes are sold on a first come first serve basis and sell out quickly!

Jillian and Tyler sitting amongst various Jilly Boxes, each holding one.

Meet the Founders

The Jilly Box was an idea that was tossed around for a few years until it was brought to fruition in 2019. Founded by Jillian Harris and Jillian’s Agent, Tyler Evans, the company came together with the help of Team Jilly and the incredible team at The Jilly Box Warehouse.

The Jilly Box is a way that Jillian and Team Jilly can share their favourite products and brands that range from home decor, fashion, bath and beauty, health and wellness, accessories and everything in between all while keeping seasonality top of mind! Oftentimes you can find a custom item or two within the Jilly Box that has been designed exclusively by Jillian and the brand!

The Jilly Box was born out of an idea to not only share some of Jillian’s favourite products but as a way to help support small and upcoming businesses. 

The Jilly Box strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. While we are constantly learning we are always  trying our best to reduce waste, eliminate plastic, and ensure the items within the box are made as ethically as possible. 


Jillian & Tyler

Mission Statement

Here at The Jilly Box, our mission encompasses four pillars that help act as a road map to lead our decision-making and drive our business forward.  These pillars, along with our core values, help guide us when curating our quarterly lifestyle boxes.


Our mission is to support small North American businesses, including as many purpose-driven companies owned by historically marginalized groups as possible each season. This includes (but is not limited to) BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ Owned brands.


We are dedicated to continuing to research and implement ways we can eliminate waste and plastic here at The Jilly Box.  We work closely alongside our suppliers each season to identify areas of opportunity to reduce waste on items that are included in each Jilly Box, while continuously improving our own process to use only sustainable packaging and properly recycling all materials.


One of our primary goals is to ensure that we are giving our Jilly Box Subscribers and Insiders a dose of joy each season, while simultaneously providing products that Jillian and our team love and trust, at a value driven price point.


Here at The Jilly Box, we are a certified Living Wage Employer and are committed to paying all employees a living wage rate for our region, while building and maintaining an equitable work environment for all team members.

Vision Statement

To become North America's most sought after, conscious, and respected subscription box while bringing joy and light into every home.

Core Values

Here at the Jilly Box Inc, we are determined to continue to learn, grow, and adapt to ensure our company and the companies we work with align with our core values


To bring brand awareness to companies we love while supporting as many small North American businesses as possible.


Continue to research and implement ways where we can reduce plastic and waste while striving to partner with companies that have the same environmental values.


Continue to research and include as many BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, and historically marginalized companies as possible.


Strive to include products within the Jilly Box that are cruelty and animal-free.


Committed to learning and adapting when sourcing sized items for the Jilly Box to ensure they are as size and body inclusive as possible to fit the needs of our customers.