An Honest Room: Alpine Bells


One of the best things about après ski is the cozy vibes of the ski lodge or cabin after a long day… we wish we could create that same ambiance at home…. with the Alpine Bells, you can! Bring a sense of warm nostalgia and rusticness to your space with the addition of these charming bells. This style of bells was originally used by cattle farmers to keep track of grazing herds in the Alps. Eventually, the bells became a winter staple when those same farmers used them to cheer on skiers!

Material Details: Bells are made of recycled tin with a mango wood clapper and jute hanging rope.

Product Dimensions: 

Overall length - 18"L
Bell - 2.25"H x 1"W

Please note: all Jilly Box products are final sale, and we cannot accommodate returns or exchanges.