The Summer 2022 Jilly Box

The Summer 2022 Jilly Box is here to help you enjoy those sweet summer moments that fill your heart. Get ready to fall in love with all the items carefully selected by Jillian and Team Jilly Box for this season's box! Click below to unbox with Jillian or read the blog HERE.


The Summer 2022 Jilly Box is filled to the brim with 11 full-sized products, most of them from Canadian owned and Female owned brands! We are also proud to announce that 65% of the products have eco-friendly, biodegradable or plastic waste free packaging!

Meet the Add-Ons

 This season we carefully curated THREE add-ons to add a little something extra to the Summer 2022 Jilly Box. The best part? All all of them are from women owned and operated brands! You can shop by clicking on the images below! 


Shipping Update

East Coast, United States, and Central Canada Jilly Boxes have officially left our warehouse!

Western Canada Shipping Dates: June 24th, 28th, 30th.