Business and Pleasure Co.: The Premium Cooler Bag


Designed exclusively for The Summer 2023 Jilly Box, the Premium Coller Bag comes in the cutest peach and off-white striped pattern and stylish vegan leather handles on the outside. On the inside, you’ll see a stunning eco-friendly lining printed with an exclusive and vintage orange wedges print! Made with premium canvas treated with water and UV coatings to keep your cooler in the best condition, it will sure be your favourite beach accessory for years to come!

Size: 12.5” L x 8.5” W x 8” H (32cm x 22cm x 20cm) Holds 3.68 Gallons (14 L).

Use: Pack pre-chilled items. Use with ice packs. Keep in shade to help maintain internal temperature. Keep zipper closed as much as possible. Do not overfill your cooler. Do not place sharp objects directly inside the bag. Empty ice as it melts to avoid leakage and condensation.

Storage: Clean and dry cooler before storage. Store with zip and lid open.

Care: To clean the internal PVC, gently turn the bag inside out and rinse with warm water. Use a gentle wash cloth with dish soap if needed. Dry before turning it back the right way. For external marks, spot clean with a soft wash cloth. Hang to air dry. Do not put n the washing machine or tumble dryer. Do not bleach.

Please note that all Jilly Box items are final sale and we cannot accommodate any returns or exchanges.