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"Our experience collaborating with Jillian Harris, Tyler Evans and their team on the Jilly Box was a once in a lifetime opportunity, as a business owner. What makes this collaboration so special is the incredibly loyal and engaged community that supports the Jillian Harris brand. The meaningful connections we have had the privilege to make with her audience has been heartwarming to say the least. As an emerging business looking to build brand awareness, I can't begin to imagine the amount of time and resources it would have taken us to organically achieve the level of reach and exposure we have gained from the Jilly Box. From start to finish, the entire experience has been a pleasure and dream come true to see how beautifully it came together. The process has motivated us to refine our offering, taught us more than we could have imagined about scaling our business and has opened up a cascade of opportunities for the future. The Jilly Box has undoubtedly changed the landscape of our business. I can't thank Jillian, Tyler and Team Jilly enough for believing in our vision and supporting our brand. I will be forever grateful for this moment in our journey."
“We have had the pleasure of working with Jillian and her Team several times over the years – including our scrunchies being a part of The Jilly Box, which we loved! Something that has ALWAYS proven to be true is working with Jillian Harris in any capacity is not only a great experience, but always makes for an incredibly positive impact on our business. We are very grateful for Jillian and her fantastic Team.”
— Chelsea King
"It was an absolute honour to work with Jillian Harris and her team at The Jilly Box! Her warmth, energy and passion highlighted our brand beautifully both on social media and in the Jilly Box booklet. We saw a 20% increase in new customer purchases from all over the world in the month we released the Jackson Rowe x Jillian Harris Olive scarf. We had a blast telling our brand's story in our own words on the Instagram Jilly Box takeover, and appreciated the exposure that it provided. Jackson Rowe was thrilled with being included in the Fall 2020 Jilly Box and can't wait for what's next!"