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What is an Insider, you ask.

Insiders are members of The Jilly Box Insiders Club, our amazing community! They have signed up to join our club (come on in, it's free!) and are eligible to be randomly selected for a chance to purchase a Jilly Box each season! Plus, Insiders receive special offers, exclusive promo codes and first dibs on our sales events!

And what's the difference between a Subscriber and an Insider? A subscriber has a Jilly Box subscription and receives The Jilly Box every quarter. Unfortunately, subscriptions are currently sold out, but turn that frown upside down! We've got you! Ready to Become an Insider?


Become a Jilly Box Insider

Sign up today to The Jilly Box Insiders Club! As an Insider you can be randomly selected each season for a chance to make a one-time purchase of a Jilly Box! You will also get access to special events, promotions, and receive exclusive discount codes from our Jilly Box suppliers every quarter!

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How it works


On our official launch day back in 2019, we had no idea that the excitement for The Jilly Box would literally crash our website! At that point in time, we could only fulfill 5000 boxes, so on that day, 5000 lucky members of our community became Jilly Box Subscribers!

But we wanted to give everyone a fair chance to snag a Jilly Box and while we worked around the clock to grow the number of boxes available, The Jilly Box Insiders Club came to life! Anyone who was above and beyond that 5000 mark became an Insider. Since then, Insiders are ramdomly selected to make a Jilly Box purchase each season.

Fast forward to today, we have grown to an amazing 15,000 Jilly Boxes and stayed true to sharing Jillian’s favourite products and helping support small and upcoming businesses across North America!

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