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The Jilly Box Insider Club

In 2019 when we launched the very first Jilly Box, we had no idea that the rush of people eager to order their box would literally crash our website! Talk about starting a business with a bang! At that point in time, we could only fulfill 5,000 orders. As a thank you to those first 5,000 customers, we created our subscription system to offer them boxes first! And so The Jilly Box Subscribers Membership was born!

That being said, we know our community is MUCH bigger than 5,000 people, and we want to give as many people a chance to snag a Jilly Box as possible. So, we created The Jilly Box Insiders Club! 

Fast forward to today, we have grown to offer a whopping 20,000 Jilly Boxes each season. Every box has a unique theme and is filled to the brim with products vetted by Jillian and Team Jilly Box. Most importantly, by ordering a box YOU are choosing to support small businesses, many of whom are Canadian, women-owned, minority-owned and are environmentally conscious!

Customer Testimonials
If you are a fan of Jillian and her style you will LOVE this box!!! It’s full of products that reflect her and her team and it is a great value. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrives and I get to open it and I am never disappointed!
Getting the Jilly Box every season is such a treat. I know that the box will always contain things I want and will love, but don’t justify to buy for myself necessarily. If you get a chance to get one, don’t pass it up!

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