The quarterly subscription box, filled with products loved by Jillian and Team Jilly. We are passionate about and committed to supporting local, diverse, cruelty-free, sustainable and inclusive companies! Follow along, become an Insider if you haven’t done so already and shop The Jilly Market for the brands everyone is talking about.

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Jillian Harris sits on her counter in her bright with kitchen with a cup of coffee in her hands, smiling at someone offscreen. A stack of Spring 2022 Jilly Boxes sit on the counter behind her.

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What is the difference between a Subscriber & an Insider, you ask.

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Stacks of the curated Spring 2022 Jilly Box sit in a cream hallway on a wooden bench.


The Jilly Box was an idea that was tossed around for a few years until it was brought to fruition in 2019. Founded by Jillian Harris and Jillian’s Agent, Tyler Evans and together with the help of Team Jilly and the incredible team at the Jilly Box Warehouse, the Jilly Box was born.